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Conga Pro Network

A new business network of some of the best tennis-teaching professionals in our country 

Our idea of a business network is collaboration, sharing, and making it work for everyone. That's why we created the Conga Pro Network. You can be a member of PTR, USPTA, ITF, USTA. And you can also be totally off the tennis certification grid. We don't care. As long as you meet our requirements and promise not to use the Network only to market your books, videos, or podcasts, we are good. And the best part? Conga Pro Network Charter Memberships are free for 2022!


Benefits of Membership in the Conga Pro Network

  • We will refer new clients to you

  • You will be listed on the Conga Sports website

  • You may participate in discussion groups

  • We will ask you to be a mentor for young teaching pros learning the ropes

  • Many more benefits are in the works like your own private Facebook group


Requirements for Membership in the Conga Pro Network

  • You have to have a good reputation and prove that with 3 written student recommendations

  • Pros need to be at least 18 years of age and Safe Play Certified

  • Willingness to mentor at least one young tennis pro in your state or anywhere in the country.

  • You have to answer a questionnaire about your work and your teaching philosophy via email

Some of the questions you are asked to answer

  • Where do you work and what is your position there?

  • How many hours do you work each week and how much do you charge per hour?

  • Reason(s) why you teach tennis

  • What is your philosophy of teaching/coaching tennis?

  • Do you like teaching beginners and why?

  • What is your ratio of adults vs junior students?

Please send us your full name and email address here and we'll send you the questionnaire.

Thank you.

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