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Your membership entitles you to the following benefits:

- A $50 Product Discount from HEAD Penn Racquet Sports
First-time members only. Upon payment of your $50 membership fee, you will receive a discount code for $50 from HEAD Penn Racquet Sports applicable to most of that top tennis manufacturer's performance products. Restrictions apply. This offer expires on June 30, 2022.

- Member pricing for all CONGA League and Tournament registrations.

Whenever you see an open registration, you will notice a member and a non-member price.

- A 10% discount on all CONGA merchandise sales

Regardless of whether it is CONGA branded merchandise or third-party products, members always receive a 10% lower price on checkout.



- A 10% discount on all ILMDP apparel and accessories

I Love My Doubles Partner (ILMDP) is a company that makes and sells beautiful high-quality, luxurious tennis apparel, bags, and accessories. Everything on their website - except for tournaments and other events - is 10% off for CONGA SPORTS members. Just enter code CONGASPORTS10 on checkout.

- A 10% discount from "Transition Coach 4 Athletes"
Tina Samara, former Division 1 player, and coach is a mentor/coach and her main thrust is US College Placement. TC4A provides solutions for college-bound athletes and Tina is giving CONGA SPORTS members a 10% discount.

- A 10% discount on some Emma Doyle ACE Coach courses

Performance Coach and TEDx speaker Emma Doyle is one of the highest regarded tennis coaches in the world. Use discount code CONGASPORTS10 for a 10% discount on all of the ACE (Online) Coach Courses.

Conga Sports Player Membership

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