Tennis is one of the best sports to play recreationally in order to keep yourself in great physical condition. Some basic health and fitness benefits of tennis include increased aerobic capacities, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improved metabolic function, increased bone density, and increased reaction times. In fact, studies show that playing tennis is much better than hitting the gym, as tennis strengthens your entire body and at the same time enhances cardio whilst lowering your chances of getting injured.


Conga Sports is all about providing you with new fun and exciting experiences on tennis courts. For all genders, ages, and levels. Do you already play tennis? We have the best tournament and league programs coming to your area soon. Are you a beginner? We welcome you, train you, and help you get into the sport. Have you played tennis as a kid, in high school, college, many years ago? We welcome "returners" and make your easing into tennis a great new experience.


Conga Sports is a network of affiliated teaching pros, racquet clubs, and individuals searching for courts and others to play with. We welcome players of all levels and offer exciting programs from beginner classes and "playing just for fun" to advanced level competition. 


  • To create happy racquet sports players for a lifetime of fun, fitness, and friendships.

  • To enable our members to have match play opportunities all over the country.

  • To help our affiliated tennis clubs to grow their membership and keep their courts busy.

  • To help our affiliated tennis pros to expand their business and fulfill our players' dreams and ambitions.

  • To help our sponsors to win new customers and grow their business.



Please join us and sign up for our affordable Membership. For only $50 per year, you'll be part of an exciting new network of tennis players and communities, soon all over the United States. Every member will be able to enjoy many more programs and benefits.