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Conga Sports will need all levels of managers, directors, and executive leaders in the not-so-distant future. Especially once we expand nationwide and will be in need of state, regional, and nationwide leadership.

At this time, we need local leaders. Regardless of whether you are comfortable with just working a part-time tennis opportunity in your local area or have ambitions for leadership positions at Conga, we'd love to speak with you.



We are building tennis networks from the ground up. We need part-time Coordinators who are ready to join a network of like-minded people, fiercely devoted to our vision of becoming the most fun and also the largest U.S. racquet sports programs provider. And yes, we are obsessed with creating an organization that is 10 times better than any other provider of programs in racquet sports.

As long as you are familiar with your local tennis ecosystem and thus enabling the long-term growth of CONGA SPORTS in your area, we don’t care what you currently do but we need everybody equally obsessed.

Please get in touch through our CONTACTS page below and let's talk!

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