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What does Conga Sports do for the tennis community?

  • Conga Sports provides a welcoming environment for all levels of tennis players, from beginners and novices to experienced competitors.

  • Conga Sports offers introductory training programs & clinics for total beginners at member facilities in our network.

  • We also offer clinics and private lessons for all levels at member facilities in our network.

  • Conga Sports provides match play opportunities from fun social events to advanced competitive leagues and tournaments. We are also introducing new and proprietary events to the U.S. tennis community.

  • Players of all levels get to meet and play with other players and learn about great facilities in their area.

Our philosophy values fun and innovative ways to attract, support and retain millions of members in the exciting world of racquet sports.

How does Conga Sports work?

We are developing easy-to-access programs and events for all levels of tennis players. All programs and events can be accessed online. Watch this website for the latest additions in your area. 

How is Conga Sports different than other tennis providers?

Millions of racquet sports players, specifically tennis players, do not have a “home club” and feel their governing bodies have abandoned them. No one is providing this fun and exciting “aha” experience that keeps them in the sport and retains their interest and desire to stay involved. And no one is welcoming beginners to tennis. CONGA SPORTS is focused on doing nothing but creating that welcoming, fun, and exciting experience over and over again.

What can Conga Sports do for tennis beginners?

Conga Sports welcomes all beginners and provides lessons and clinics as well as match play opportunities for them. We also introduce beginners to facilities in the network and enable them to meet other players of their level.

I'm an intermediate tennis player. What can Conga Sports do for me?

Very soon we'll offer tournaments and leagues in your area. For all levels from, novice to advanced players. Many of those events will be suitable for intermediate players which is usually the biggest demographic in tennis. 

How do I know my level of tennis? 

Since some of the Conga Sports

programs and events will be 
aligned with the UTR system

and technology here is a simple

table to explain UTR rating levels. 

What is the cost of a Conga Sports Player membership?

The annual cost for a Conga Sports Player membership is $50.

How much does participation in Conga Sports programs cost?

The cost of Conga Sports programs depends on the state and area you're in. Be assured that Conga Sports members always pay a discounted registration fee.


Why should my club become a member of the Conga Sports Facility Network?

There are many benefits for you in our network of facilities.

  • For clubs that want to be able to sell court time during non-prime-time hours.
    Are you tired of seeing courts go empty on Sunday afternoons or on weeknights? We help Conga Sports Facility Network members by committing to booking court time where you need your courts filled. We'll pay you court fees and bring you, new prospective members.


  • For clubs that need new members to join
    Conga Sports events make sure that a large number of players are visiting your facility each year. If your club is clean, your staff is friendly, and your attitude is welcoming, a good percentage of those players will join as members.


  • For clubs that want new and exciting programs for their membership
    Tennis programs become stale and die after 3-5 years. Conga Sports programs will create a new energy and excitement level for your members. It'll be a unique way to separate your club from other clubs in your area that will grow your business. Conga can make your club stand out and provide an easy to use and fun environment for your members. We can help you solve your programing challenges for 2022 and beyond.

What is the cost of joining the Conga Sports Facility Network?

Joining the network is free of charge for all clubs and facilities.

How can we join?
Just fill out the form here. We'll add you to the network and, depending on your location, send you ideas of what we can do for you and when.

FAQ for Facilities
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