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The first City Slams tournament was a great event and a wonderful experience for all. Pictures are coming shortly.

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Sat, March 4 at Weddington Studio City 5-6 pm

Start/Restart Booster - hitting practice and guided points play with sideline coaching

Sat, March 18 at Burbank Tennis Center 4-6 pm

Start/Restart Serving Clinic at Burbank Tennis Center

Sat, March 19 at Weddington Golf & Tennis
Start/Restart Rating Clinic at Weddington Golf & Tennis

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City Slams

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Conga Sports is bringing a new brand of tennis to the world by pushing the fun envelope and turning players and beginners into fanatical fans.




For Players:

Challenge: Tournament entry fees prevent many players from entering

Solution: Tournament entry fees are completely covered by sponsors


For Sponsors:

Challenge: Many players who want your products are either unknown or not accessible

Solution: Sponsorship exposes your brand/products to a larger segment of the active player market


For Facilities:

Challenge: Court time often goes unused, reducing potential recurring revenue

Solution: Conga buys court time from you, often at none-prime time hours.




Year 1 City Slams is a California program (proof of concept phase)

Year 2 expansion to Western Region and on to a nationwide series of events.

Year 5 expansion to Canada and Mexico for the North American City Slams.




The level will be 3.0/3.5/4.0 max with a combined maximum of 7.0.

Each team of 8 players will have 4 men and 4 women plus 2 subs.

We’ll play 2 men’s doubles, 2 women’s doubles, and 2 mixed doubles.

The match format will be quick 8-game pro sets. 5-point tiebreaker at 4-4.




Registration fee will be $400 per team. No charge if we find local sponsors to pay your team fee.

The winner of your flight will play the winner of the Orange County/San Diego flight for the Southern California CITY SLAMS champion.

The SoCal winner will play the NorCal winner for the California State Championship. 

By the end of 2025 we’ll hopefully have those championships in all 50 states and can play for the National CITY SLAMS Championship for bragging rights and prize money.
In 2026 we’ll add Canadian and Mexican cities and play for the North American CITY SLAMS Championship with even more prize money.




If you're interested in playing on a team or captaining one for your city, please email Pat.


Is City Slams a tennis league?

Not at all. City Slams is a series of Team Tennis-like tournaments with the look and feel of a pro tour, elements of other sports like football, and entertaining components to attract players and fans alike.

Do City Slams tournaments require a big time commitment from players?

Not at all. City Slams tournaments are being played once a month and require a 3-hour commitment on a weekend afternoon, Saturday, or Sunday.


Can City Slams wins qualify players for the US Open?

No. While it is conceivable that City Slams may add a high-level division at a later date, it’s currently a recreational series of team tennis tournaments with intermediate and advanced-level players.


Is City Slams just a California program?

No. City Slams starts out in California during the first half of 2023 but then rapidly expands to other states in the western region of the United States. By the end of 2025, City Slams will be a national program that operates in all 50 states.


Do clubs have to pay to field teams for City Slams?

No. It’s free for clubs but team registration fees are $400 per season or $50 per player.


Do Conga Sports members have a benefit over non-members registering a team for City Slams?

Yes. If the entire team consists of Conga Sports members, Conga will provide local sponsors that either cover the team fees in cash or provide store discounts in the same amount or higher to the team players.


When a club fields a team for City Slams, do all players have to be club members?
No. A club can add as many outside players to their team roster as they need to get to 8 players (plus the recommended 2 subs.)


Are City Slams matches only played on public courts?
No. We are currently examining partnership arrangements with groups of private clubs to use their courts, in addition to team clubs and public courts in certain areas.


How many teams can represent one city?

Only one team per city is allowed. To illustrate: If the LA Tennis Club elects to participate for Los Angeles, the Brentwood Country Club has to play for the Brentwood neighborhood.


What are the elements of other sports City Slams plans to include
To make tennis more interesting we play shorter matches and introduce one lifeline and 3 flags per team per set for challenges and coaching issues.


What is the tennis format of City Slams?

Each match consists of 2 men’s doubles, 2 women’s doubles, and 2 mixed doubles 8-game pro-sets with a 5-point tiebreaker at 7-7. Each win gets the winning team 1 point so the maximum points a team can get after all 6 matches is 6 points.


If two teams have the same points after all matches are played, how do you break that tie?

Before each match, both team captains have to present a confidential list of all players to the tournament desk, with players numbered from 1 to 8. The list will not be seen by the opponents and the sequence cannot be changed. A player on this list can be changed if another player comes in as a substitute for him or her during the regular match.


Will the matches have an umpire present?

Yes, there will be one tennis teaching pro as umpire and each court will have at least one Conga staff observer. The umpire is also Emcee and sideline coach answering the call for flags. The sideline coach’s decisions are final.


What is the entertainment component of City Slams?

Apart from the ever-present Conga drums, we are planning to have music, court challenges, Tweener courses, exhibition games, hitting for prizes, racquet demos, and more. We are also encouraging fans and players to bring their kids so a local teaching pro can introduce them to tennis at a court next to the main court.

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