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Jack Broudy has been instrumental in the development of the game of tennis. His is the only complete system based on science and actual geometry. Jack has uncovered the secret blueprint to the natural (aesthetically pleasing), powerful and precise tennis strokes. Broudy has coached and been an influential presence for numerous players and coaches worldwide. He has now taken his unique scientific approach online, coaching players and coaches everywhere in the world.


Jack Broudy is offering you the blueprint for natural, powerful, pain-free, and effortless tennis strokes. The Beginner Lessons include the course introduction and seven modules covering the grips, groundstrokes (forehand/backhand), service, and overhead. (Go here, click on Essential Membership, then scroll down to Beginner Lessons)


Raise the level of your game with Broudy’s guide to the fundamentals of tennis. From ground strokes lessons to unique training tools and on and off-court drills, you can quickly improve your technique and advance your play. (Go here, click on Essential Membership, click on any of the courses)


Hit a better ball. Teach your players to love the way they play and develop champions! 

Enjoy playing and teaching the effortless, big, beautiful and pain-free game found only here! Welcome to life at the 45º!

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Discover the secrets that declutter your mind

Mindset College is the only mental skills program that provides you with cutting-edge, tried and tested tools from the coal-face of elite sports performance. 

Get access to the creator, David Sammel, a master of mental skills development, and coach to the stars.

Become a confident and effective athlete by applying these tactics in our self-paced online course.

Understand how to manage your mind

Get a competitive edge as an Athlete. Our amazing tools will astound you and totally reframe your fears or doubts, allowing you to compete freely. Mindset College has changed the trajectory of several Olympic and International athletes to achieve great success. 


Remove self-doubt and build the mindset of a world champion.

Mental skills training that gets you in the zone, every time!
What would it mean to remove all self-doubt and perform with confidence?
Find out how to remove self-doubt and build the mindset of a world champion.

Train your body and mind to overcome any physical or mental barrier

Mindset College Collection in collaboration with Tennis Club Business

Conga Sports is happy to announce a collaboration with the TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS newsletter for a 20% discount on the Mindset College program.


Claim your exclusive 20% discount on the Mindset College Collection through your membership with Conga Sports.

To claim your 20% discount use the code TCB02

You will pay $631.20 instead of $789.00  and you get access to the full Mindset College Program, plus all of this:

  • 20 hours of video, activities, and reading time to upskill and learn the same tactics as the professionals

  • Tasks, downloadable resources to implement into your preparation and training immediately.

  • Access the content on a variety of devices.

  • Access to 4 live webinars per year with David Sammel

  • Access to our previous webinars archive.

  • Lifetime access

  • The Bestseller book: Locker Room Power - Building an Athlete's Mind

  • Your own mobile app where you can take the Mindset College program with you everywhere.

Get access here.

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